Functional Requirements

Gaining Control Over the

Vendor Selection Process

With considerable experience in a variety of manufacturing and nonprofit businesses, our objective, unbiased consultants help you select the right package for your company. Our process includes industry leading methodology, reduces the timeline and minimizes internal costs while providing important knowledge to the end users of the software. This methodology is well established and has been involved in over 2,000 enterprise software projects.

Software Selection

Field Consulting Services uses a four phase approach to software selection projects:

  • Phase 1 - Business analysis and definition of functional requirements
    • End result is a long list of potential vendor applications
  • Phase 2 - Reduce the long list to the select few to review in greater detail
    • RFI documents sent to vendors and the results reviewed and ranked
  • Phase 3 - Vendor preparation and software demonstrations
    • Making sure you see what you need to differentiate the various systems
  • Phase 4 - Negotiation and implementation planning support
    • Applying best practices to make sure you get what you need

Accounting, ERP, and CRM Software