Field Consulting Services has been involved in over 50 different ERP selection projects.  A partial list of recent clients includes:


Software Selection Case Studies

  • Dexter Research Center (manufacturer of electronic sensors)
  • Electric Apparatus Company (motor design and manufacture)
  • Federal Broach & Machine (manufacturer of broaching and cutting tools)
  • Nustep (manufacturer of exercise equipment)
  • J.G. Kern (manufacturer of automotive parts)
  • Kasle Steel (steel coil processor)
  • Klise Manufacturing (manufacturer of wood molding)
  • Modern Metalcraft (manufacturer of specialized machined parts)
  • Pierburg Instruments (scientific equipment manufacturer)
  • Portland Products (metal stampings and assemblies)
  • Super Steel (steel processor and distributor)
All projects begin with an assessment of the company'™s current processes and an understanding of what shortcomings currently exist that can be helped with a new software system.  Many process improvements can take place without new software, but a new system can be a major factor in reducing redundant data entry and automating certain activities.  Functional requirements are gathered and prioritized.
Specific tools are used to create a long list of potential vendors that best match the company'™s functional requirements.  A request for information (RFI) document is created and sent to the vendors asking for their feedback.  The RFI describes the company and provides information the vendor can use in deciding if they want to pursue this customer.  The RFI also highlights specific problems the company is having and asking the vendor how their software can address the issue.  One recent example was a company having to manage scrap in the production process which could often be reworked with some component pieces being salvageable.
The completed RFIs are reviewed by the project team and the best companies selected to come onsite for full day product demonstrations.  These demos are carefully scripted to provide the company with confidence that the software meets their needs.  Frequently there is a need for a second demo from the best candidate to confirm certain functionality.
The final step is the negotiation of the software contract.  Field Consulting Services is able to review the contracts and make sure all the pieces are there and the terms as favorable as possible for the company.  The entire process typically lasts from six to nine months.