FCS works with clients to define their information system needs and requirements, identify software applications that meet those requirements, and implement the applications in a timely manner with minimal disruption to normal business activities.  FCS also advises companies when process improvements should be achieved through better financial controls and the implementation of lean and continuous improvement principles rather than through expensive technology.  FCS does not represent or resell any ERP software products, but acts as a neutral, unbiased third party on behalf of the client in locating the best applications.

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Field Consulting Services (FCS) is a twenty five year old consulting firm providing skilled financial, operational, and business consulting to small and medium sized companies.  FCS specializes in information technology and process improvement. FCS assists companies in maximizing the potential of their management information by assessing current systems and processes, educating management teams, and providing expertise on the latest in information technology.


the cloud with data available on any mobile device.  Dashboards and analytics provide employees with up to date information at their fingertips.  If you are not taking full advantage of these tools, FCS can help you. 

Field Consulting Services -- providing services to a wide range of manufacturing and nonprofit organizations.




Today's systems are a distant cousin to the mainframe relatives from the 1980's and 1990's.  Modern applications can be hosted in


From the early days of modern accounting through the later days of ERP and Supply Chain Optimization, software has played a critical role in keeping track of inventories, planning production and collecting information about activities that have already happened.  Without the right software tools, management is blind to what is happening under their very nose.  Poor systems result in excess cash tied up in inventory, late shipments to customers, and lost sales for inability to react to customer needs.

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